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This Unique Spot In Denton Texas Has Hundreds Of Chairs Perfect For Photos

chairy orchard unique photos in denton tx

Looking for something fun to do in Denton? Tucked away in an empty neighborhood lot and filled with hundred of chairs is a special place awaiting your next adventure. Keep Reading to Learn More about Denton’s Chairy Orchard.

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chairy orchard unique places in denton

Equally perfect for graduation photos and your Instagram feed, The Chairy Orchard is fun, quirky, and eclectic. Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Chairy Orchard In Denton, Texas.

Chairy Orchard In Denton, Texas

“Chairy Fairies” Judy and Ann are the creative minds behind Denton’s Chairy Orchard. You’ll find a wide variety of chairs these two have curated and decorated for this unique spot in Denton. Big chairs, little chairs, rocking chairs, wheelchairs, salon chairs, table chairs, wooden chairs, and metal chairs.

The scenery and chairs constantly change so your next visit is sure to be different than your last. There’s even a “Locks of Love Chairish Wall” which offers a place for lovebirds to secure their names with a lock. This is such a fun place to visit in Denton!

Chairs change on a continuing basis and there are unique displays to view throughout the year and holidays. This spot makes a great place for taking pictures and is popular with photographers for graduation, engagement, and family photos.

Nearby is Avondale Park which consists of nearly 18 acres with walking trails, so be sure to stop by to continue your adventure.

Does it cost to visit the Chairy Orchard?

It costs nothing to visit the Chairy Orchard, however you may leave donations inside a retro red refrigerator located on the property.

Chairy Orchard Location

The orchard is located on the northeast side of Denton and is a great place to visit year-round. Be sure to visit their Facebook page.

Location: 1426 Churchill Drive, Denton, TX 76209

Chairy Orchard in Denton, Texas

The Chairy Orchard in Denton, Texas is the perfect place for photos and fun with friends. Visit to see what makes this spot so unique and special.

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