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Removal Of Denton Houseless Camp Based On Lies Say Local Volunteers, Activists

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Local activists and volunteers who participated in relocating houseless residents at a Denton homeless camp today are saying the cleanup effort was based on lies. “The city plan cites concerns of maggots and needles,” says the group Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club, explaining, “none of which we have found.” According to the group, sanitation complaints by Giving HOPE, Inc. of Denton County is what spurred the removal of residents.

Jane Piper-Lunt, a board member for Denton Basic Services Center, also made statements contradicting the city’s reasoning for “cleaning up” the camp. “Our volunteers found no needles, no feces, talked to women who said there was no trafficking there.” She explains further, “It was a relatively clean and orderly camp, several slept in the shelter.”

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Image from Twitter, Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club

About 20 residents were relocated by Denton area volunteers Tuesday working closely with Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club and Denton Basic Services Center. Many of the residents, which include pets, often lose all of their belongings during the process and say they have been moved by the city upwards of five times in the last month. The recent settlement of Woodrow camp, which is located next to the city’s only cold weather shelter, only occurred after freezing temperatures.

Local volunteers, who moved residents to safer locations, say the Denton Police Department’s Homeless Outreach law enforcement officer, Sgt. Scott Butler, gave the camp’s residents and volunteers one hour to disperse or face jailtime. Although no arrests were made, Local Denton has confirmed with images viewed publicly online that Butler was indeed uniformed and present at today’s removal.

A cold front is expected to arrive in Denton on Wednesday.

How To Help Denton Houseless

Concerned residents can help local volunteers keep DFW houseless people safe by purchasing needed items or donating to the Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club CashApp $EFJBGC.

Common Needed Items Include:

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