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Denton’s Pinned Ptera Is An Insect Taxidermist Creating The Most Unique Works Of Art

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Looking for a super unique gift from a local artist? Did you know Denton has it’s own insect taxidermist (you read that right) that makes one-of-a-kind art out of preserved insects and arachnids such as walking sticks, butterflies, scorpions, moths, and more. Keep reading to learn more about Pinned Ptera.

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Pinned Ptera – Beautiful Insect Art

Pinned Ptera was started by local husband and wife team Micah and Morgan Loftin after an anniversary trip to Key West inspired them. It all started when a butterfly landed on Morgan while they were visiting a butterfly house.

As they were leaving, they discovered the butterfly house was selling butterfly art in their gift shop, but after searching they could not find the one that had landed on Morgan. Although disappointed, this unforgettable experience left the Loftins with a lasting impression.

So, when they got home, Micah was able to identify and locate the butterfly that had landed on Morgan, and so he surprised her with it as a gift. But when the butterfly arrived, it wasn’t mounted or spread and so Micah had to learn the art of insect taxidermy. And that’s how Pinned Ptera was born.

At Pinned Ptera you’ll discover all sorts of interesting and unique art pieces incorporating insects and arachnids.

Each specimen is beautifully spread and mounted–ready to be incorporated into your home’s decor or given away as a gift. Never imagined a rare Leopard Spotted Walking Stick from Indonesia adorning your wall? Well, now you can!

Where To Find Pinned Ptera In Denton

You can find Pinned Ptera at Denton Community Market, local markets and shows, as well as online.

Website: https://www.pinnedptera.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pinnedptera

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pinnedptera/

Pinned Ptera – Beautiful Insect Art

Discover Denton’s insect taxidermist at Pinned Ptera where they are creating beautifully designed, unique artwork out of insects.

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