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Former Proud Boy Lawyer Van Dyke Lends Hand To Another Patriot Front Member In Court

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Court documents in Texas reveal that Patriot Front member Steven Derrick Tucker has retained the legal services of Jason Lee Van Dyke, longtime white nationalist and former lawyer for the fascist street gang, the Proud Boys. Previous court documents show Van Dyke also represented another Patriot Front member, Antonio Barr, last month.

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In August of last year, Tucker was arrested in Mesquite, Texas on 2nd-degree aggravated assault charges with a deadly weapon. According to the police incident report, Tucker threatened to “fucking kill” his roommate over a purported disagreement about doing the dishes.

Tucker was one of 31 Patriot Front members arrested in Cour d’Alene, Idaho, for a misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to riot, but Van Dyke claimed over email, “I am only representing Mr. Tucker for an offense that is alleged to have been committed in the State of Texas.”

He went on to add that he believes his client has been “wrongfully accused of this crime” and that the state of Texas is “now attempting to utilize the bail system to punish my client” for the events which took place in Idaho. Van Dyke characterized the incident as “a publicity stunt for the arresting agency.” He said that while he cannot represent Mr. Tucker in Idaho, “I intend to aggressively defend him in his Texas case.”

Steven Derrick Tucker mugshot

Patriot Front was founded in 2017 and is a violent white nationalist organization. They are known for spreading the racist “replacement myth.” You can read more about the group’s extensive racist and violent history here from ProPublica. You can also explore the group members’ revealed identities here, as reported by Rose City Antifa.

On his GETTR account, Van Dyke claimed that the Patriot Front members arrested in Idaho did “absolutely nothing wrong.” In regard to representing Tucker, Van Dyke said he was only engaging in “wrongthink.” Originating as a term deriving from the “thoughtcrimes” of George Orwell’s 1984, the word has become popular within actors of the far-right to express their feelings that conservative thought or expression is being ‘suppressed’ by mainstream media.”

Earlier this year, Unicorn Riot released over 400 gigabytes of data leaked from internal communications by Patriot Front. Activists have revealed that Tucker was among those included in the chats under the alias “Don TX. You can read Tucker’s archived chats here.

Additionally, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Tucker was involved in the car crash with several other Patriot Front members, which led to the death of one member, Kevin J. Bersuch. Patriot Front’s leader and founder Thomas Rosseau was hospitalized afterward due to the accident.

After Van Dyke left law school, he took to helping white nationalist attorney Kyle Bristow and the country’s first ever student-based hate group, Michigan State Young Americans for Freedom. He’s been in and out of the news for years for attacking individuals online and making death threats to one of his former legal opponents, Thomas Retzlaff.

In 2020, Van Dyke allegedly attempted to use a chapter of the Arizona Proud Boys to assassinate Retzlaff

That same year, Vice reported Van Dyke attempted to join the neo-Nazi terrorist group, the Base. He was subsequently denied after being called “a huge liability.” 

Last year, Van Dyke dissolved the Proud Boy’s trademark, but his ownership prompted Congress’s Select Committee to subpoena Van Dyke in their investigation into the Capitol riot. 

Earlier this year, the Daily Beast reported that Van Dyke wanted to legally represent Kelly Neidert and her group, the Young Conservatives of Texas. Neidert’s club became notorious for spreading transphobia and other hateful rhetoric at the University of North Texas.

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